The Summerville Family YMCA offers fitness schedules on a monthly basis. Whether you are looking for fitness classes at The Ponds or Downtown, or a fun class that will get you moving– we have something for everyone! Classes for all levels of fitness are offered, so be sure to read the descriptions to find the class that fits your needs.



The Ponds


Class Descriptions

ALL ABOUT YOGA – Teaches the various yoga poses & proper breathing techniques. Those new to yoga can progress to regular yoga classes comfortably.

ALL LEGS/WAIST DOWN – Different pieces of equipment will be used to get your best lower body

ARTHRITIS – This class is ideal for those that suffer with arthritis pain. This class will help your joints become movable and will aid in range of motion.

BALLET BUFF – Focuses on ballet techniques to strengthen and lengthen muscles. Stretching, legs, core, abs and more.

BARRE PHYSIQUE – Focusing on using ballet techniques to strengthen and lengthen muscles, this class will start with stretching, then focus on legs, core, and abs.

BODY ATTACK – The use of weights, gliding discs, balance trainers and other toys are used to make this workout attack your strength and endurance.

BODY FORMULA – Movements flow together to create a well-rounded workout while strengthening your body by using various pieces of equipment.

BOKWA – This is a new and completely different approach to group exercise that is rapidly spreading across the globe. Participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while performing an energizing and addictive cardio workout routine. Moving together to today’s most popular music, participants of all ages draw the Bokwa L, O (zero), J, C and dozens of other steps. The class is set to non-stop exciting Top 40 Music Hits! If you can read and write, you can Bokwa!

BOOT CAMP – This class incorporates cardio segments which may include high intensity moves with intermittent strength segments.

BOOT CAMP SPIN – A high intensity indoor cycling class that enhances cardiovascular fitness. Some movements are performed off the bike. All participants are encouraged to go at their own pace and can remain on the bike if necessary. Water & towel recommended.

BOSU – Balance training utilizing various movements to increase core strength. Bands, tubing and weights may be used.

BUTT & GUT – This class focuses on toning and shaping your rear, hips, thighs and abs.

CARDIO BOSU – A high intensity class focused  on using the BOSU for strength and cardio moves. LEVEL 3 CLASS.

CARDIO SURPRISE – Each one of these classes may involve step or hi-lo plus toning moves using weights, bands and balls.

CARDIO/CHISEL – This Level 2/3 class involves high-intensity cardio and muscular movements.

CHISEL – This class emphasizes muscular strength and endurance using all types of equipment available.

CIRCUIT – A non-stop class that moves from one exercise to the next with minimal rest. All levels.

CORE – With the help of a balance trainer, weights, tubing, and any other piece of equipment we will get a strong core while whittling down the waist.

DANCE EXERCISE – This class uses choreographed dance routines for a Level 1/2 workout.

DANCE IN THE CIRCUIT – An exciting, fun, multi-level dance fitness and toning class. The Cardio-dance class utilizes weights performed to a variety of music including the Top 40, International, and some Golden Oldies.

DANCE FUSION – A cardio dance class with fun international rhythms. Sure to make you sweat!

FLOW (or GENTLE) YOGA – Link breathing techniques to movements that flow from one pose/asana to the next, builds flexibility, stamina, balance and strength. Prior yoga experience required.

FULL BODY – A quick 30-minute weight training class that hits all major muscle groups.

GOT ABS – A 15 minute class focusing on strengthening the core.

HIP HOP FIT- A cardio dance class for all levels, that combines ways to follow dances and body weight exercises to popular music.

INTRO TO SPIN – A beginner’s class, this is a shortened version of a traditional spinning class, focusing on proper set-up and form. Water & towel recommended.

JUNIOR JUDO & ADULT JUJITSU -Since 1989, Charleston Martial Arts has helped students learn self discipline, self esteem, courtesy and fitness while learning forms of self defense. Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Kodudo and Aikido are taught by nationally certified black belts. This diversity of training ensures that everyone can find a style that matches the student’s needs and personality. Martial arts training relieves symptoms of stress and types of ADS. With SAFETY as the first goal, all classes are taught in a manner that hones personal skills without breaking the spirit. Please register with Tom at before attending class.

KICKBOXING – This fun class incorporates martial arts moves with boxing to provide a challenging aerobic workout.

PRIMAL ENERGY – This is a high impact cardio dance class using African & Caribbean movements & full body animal movements, ending with ab work.

PILATES – Non-Impact exercise program concentrating on core strength as well as upper-body & lower-body conditioning.

SILVER SNEAKERS – A fun, engaging program that helps adults take greater control of their health by encouraging physical activity & offering social events.

SPIN/CYCLE – A high-intensity indoor cycling class that enhances cardiovascular fitness. Participants are encouraged to ride at their own pace. Water and a towel recommended.

SUNSET YOGA – An outdoor yoga class performed near the water at the Ponds Amphitheater which promotes relaxation and flexibility. (Seasonal)

STEP/SCULPT – This class provides a mild cardiovascular workout incorporating weight training & flexibility exercises. Movements are simple and easy on the joints.

TREAD & SHRED – A 45-minute treadmill class that will take your cardio workout to the next level.

UPPER BODY & CORE – This class focuses on toning your upper body and core muscles, using weights, bands and balls.

UWC (Ultimate Workout Challenge) – This brief, high-intensity workout alternates timed periods of plyometrics and weight training, levels 2/3.

WAIST UP – This class will work on your upper body using various pieces of equipment.

WERQ – A fun dance fitness class based on pop, rock and hip-hop music.

WERQ EXPRESS – A 30-minute fun dance fitness class based on pop, rock and hip-hop music.

YOGA – Warm up with dynamic moves for strength and flexibility.  Cool down with breath work and reflection.


ZUMBA – This is a fun filled class that will make you laugh, sweat and learn a new Latin step.

ZUMBA TONING – A muscle shaping workout that has all the fun of Zumba with the addition of lightweight toning sticks.

39 & HOLDING – This class provides a mild cardiovascular workout incorporating weight training & flexibility exercises.  Movements are simple and easy on the joints.

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